2000 presidential voting

Chaseor Generals John C. Harrison led the Whigs with 73 electoral votes, White receiving 26 and Webster Nineteen of them came from South Carolina, Louisiana, and Florida—states that the Republicans still controlled.

Playing down bimetallism, he stressed moving the party toward more progressive stances. Plumer never mentioned Washington in his speech explaining his vote to the other New Hampshire electors.

2000 presidential voting Blaine resulted in a convention in which neither Blaine nor the Stalwart choice, former president Ulysses S. The size of the gender gap has fluctuated within a relatively narrow range over the past 36 years; on average, women have been 8 percentage points more likely than men to back the Democratic candidate in elections since Some precincts required two photo IDs which many citizens do not have.

In the early stages of the election campaign, Madison also faced challenges from within his own party by Monroe and Clinton.

Also at issue was the so-called butterfly ballot design used in Palm Beach county, which caused confusion among some Gore voters—prompting them to inadvertently cast their votes for third-party candidate Pat Buchananwho received some 3, some 20 percent of his total votes statewide.

Therefore, Jefferson and Burr tied with 73 votes each; Adams received 65 votes, his vice-presidential candidate, Charles C. In the and elections, there was no difference in candidate support between men and women.

Morton with Whitelaw Reid of New York. Some McCain supporters blamed it on the Bush campaign, accusing them of mudslinging and dirty tricks, such as push polling that implied that McCain's adopted Bangladeshi-born daughter was an African-American child he fathered out of wedlock.

In and — the last two presidential elections with no incumbent candidate — there was a similar difference between men and women in Democratic affiliation.

Many Republicans objected to the succession of Virginia presidents and believed Crawford a superior choice to the mediocre Monroe. Taking place every four years, presidential campaigns and elections have evolved into a series of fiercely fought, and sometimes controversial, contests, now played out in the hour news cycle.

Pro-Bush precincts almost always had enough voting machines, all working well to make voting quick and convenient. Turnout was high on election day The Presidential Election, L. In the and elections, there was no difference in candidate support between men and women. But over the last nine presidential elections, women have consistently voted for Democratic presidential candidates at higher rates than men.

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United States presidential election, 2000

Information on how the residents of Wisconsin have voted in presidential elections. Includes trends and polls for the election, as well as a Wisconsin voting. The United States presidential election in Florida took place on November 7,as part of the nationwide presidential election.

Florida, a swing state, had a major recount dispute that took center stage in the hazemagmaroc.comt: 70%. PRESIDENTIAL PRIMARY ELECTION RESULTS. In New York, Republican voters cast ballots for delegates, with the Presidential preference of the delegate listed below the delegate’s name.

Each voter was allowed to select three delegates, therefore casting three votes.

United States presidential election in Florida, 2000


2000 presidential voting
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Jewish Voting Record in U.S. Presidential Elections